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Parents are the greatest spiritual influence in the lives of the students you serve.

Parent Ministry can change your church

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"There is an exciting new paradigm shift in the church to partner with parents and ParentMinistry.Net will help you make a difference. I haven't a found a better or more effective resource to come alongside you to help families in your church succeed."

Jim Burns, PhD President, HomeWord Author of Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry

Here are some churches that have used our content

We currently help over 1000 churches build an excellent Parent Ministry.

" is the missing piece for you to practically partner with parents to be the spiritual influencers in their children's lives. This helpful resource was created by those who actually work in a local church and it works along side any curriculum that you use. Parents need to know what to do, shows them year by year, step by step and they make your church the hero. I highly recommend it for any size church."

Jim Wideman, Children's Ministry Pioneer, Jim Wideman Ministries

Our Features

You won't believe all that you get with your membership.


Every month we read a Parenting Book and send you a summary or "Snapshot" of it to share with the parents in your ministry

Event Kits

We give you all the promotional materials, graphics, videos, talk scripts, and planning tools you will need to plan two live events for Parents at your church this year

Rites of Passage Experience

You will receive all the videos and materials to help your parents lead their student through a Rite of Passage each year.  It's a strategic way for them to pass down faith.  It's also easy to distribute using the "Magic Button"

Online Parenting Class

Every month you will get two emails, one video, and ten tweets/texts to share with the parents in your ministry.  All you have to do is copy, paste, customize, and press send.  It's that easy.

Ministry Toolbox

Every month we add a new Parent Ministry resource to our growing library.  The Ministry Toolbox is easily our most popular feature.  It is full of ebooks, videos, and practical resources that help Parents with the stuff they face every day.

VIP Events

We love to plan special online events for our members.  Whether it's a special guest or someone from our team, we will host the event and store the replay video on our site for you to enjoy when you want some training.

Take Our Name Off of it, and Put Your Name On it.

Our goal is to help you build credibility and trust with Parents.

We make you look good....

We give a "license to use" with all of our content.  You can edit, customize, and re-create our material to fit the needs of your church.  You can make it your own.  We don't want the parents in your church to know our names.  We want them to look to you as the source of encouragement and help.  In short, we want to make you look good to the parents in your ministry.

Have you heard about our Magic Button?

You can have a Parent Ministry website in 30 seconds...

#GameChanger #TimeSaver

All of the Rites of Passage Content laid out perfectly in a website.  All you have to do is push the magic button and send out the link to your parents.  It's pretty magical.  The money and time the Magic Button saves you is easily worth the price of the membership.

Want a Quick Tour of How We Can Help You?

Here's a little video...

It's More Than A Resource, It's a Relationship

We Take Personal Pride in Helping our Members

It's easy to feel alone in ministry.  Our team works hard to not just give you content, but to get to know your church.  We see it as if you hired us to be your Parent Ministry intern.

"Ministering to parents is one of the biggest challenges facing today's youth workers which is why I'm so thankful for Their easy-to-use, high quality resources have helped make our ministry to parents easier and more effective than ever before. I couldn't recommend more highly!"

Kurt Johnston
Pastor to Students, Saddleback Church

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    $25 /month
    • Regularly $39 per month
    • You can choose either Youth or Kids 
    • Rites of Passage Experience 
    • Monthly Online Parenting Class
    • Ministry Toolbox Resources
    • Snapshots 
    • Event Kits
    • VIP Events
    • "Magic Button" Website
  • Annual

    $249 /year
    • Regularly $349 per year
    • You can choose either Youth or Kids
    • Rites of Passage Experience
    • Monthly Online Parenting Class
    • Ministry Toolbox Resources
    • Snapshots
    • Event Kits
    • VIP Events
    • "Magic Button" Website
  • Bundle Deal

    $349 /year
    • Regularly $549 per year
    • Annual Youth Membership
    • Annual Kids Membership
    • Annual Preschool Membership
    • The Absolute Best Deal we've ever offered
    • Locked in for the life of the membership

There is no risk...

We've never made anyone pay for something they did not want.  As long as you contact us within 30 days we will refund your money if you are not satisfied.

We believe with all of our hearts that you will love our products, but more than anything we want you to feel great about your purchase.  If for some reason it is not a good fit for your church, just email us within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.

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